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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

Do you take walk-ins? Yes, we do only upon availability.

Do you take appointments? Yes, we do and it’s best to schedule an appointment.

Can I request a specific technician to do my service? Yes you may.

Do you allow children(s)?  Yes, only if they are being serviced.  No children under 3 years old. No children in spa area unless being service.

Do you allow food or drinks? Unfortunately we do not.

Do you allow soliciting? No we do not.

Can you still take me if I’m late? Yes we can if you are 5 minutes late it shouldn’t be a problem.  If you are extremely late, we can only take you if our schedule permits.

How long does gel polish last? Gel typically will last up to 2 weeks or longer.  Varies for each individual depending on how active you are and what type of activities you are involve. We cannot guarantee how long your gel will last. We have some clients go as long as 4 weeks. We do not recommend clients stretching it out that long, the longer you wait to maintain your gel manicure, the more stress you will add to the nails.

Can I take my gel off myself? Yes you can as long as you do it the correct way. If you peel your gel off you will take layers of your nails along with it, your natural nails will be much thinner.

How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?  Due to heavy volume we highly recommend that you schedule in advance for more availability . Last minute appointments will not have a lot of flexibility. There will be email appointment reminders if email was provided.

What should I do if my nail person is off,  or unavailable? No worries, we got you covered! At Bella Nail Spa, our entire staff is well trained as a professional. Our staff members are only allowed to provide services that they specialize in. Rest assure that any of our staff will accommodate your service request.